GYE294 Ottoman Tughra Men Silver Ring

GYE341 Arabic Edep Ya-Hu Men Silver Ring




92,90 TL

  • 925 Sterling Silver, Weight: 14.2gr
  • Ring's top diameter: 18mm
  • All ring sizes are avaliable
  • Mean: used mainly in madrasas, government offices, the entrance of the places where must be decency. adab just keep quiet, not to say bad words, etc.. should not be understood as. Also means choose the right dress, hair-beard style according to situation. at the same time, make up your mind and intention. after all, come into line material and spiritual
  • Black parts is made by using oxidising, will not be faded.
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  • The product will be shipped same day to all over the world.
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Metal : 925 Silver
Stone Type : Without Stone